X-CTH 240

X-CTH 240
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X-CTH 240


Stainless steel* made helical tri-lobe blower. Air cooled.


The cooling system is patented: two direct current electric fans (24V) provide forced cooling of the compressor.

Low noise level.

Operating without oil and without wear.

Hydraulic motor available upon request.


* all components in contact with the processed fluid (body, flange, bench and lobes) are made of stainless steel (AISI 316)


Technical Sheet
Code Flow Rotation speed [rpm] Continuous vacuum Max Vacuum Power Vacuum Max. Max Power pressure Pressure max abs Weight File
m3/h l/min cfm % Hg % Hg kW hp kW hp bar psi kg lbs
240 2470 41200 1453 D3300 55 16,5 60 18 51 69 81 109 2,2 32 264 582 240

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