Flame arrester

Flame arrester
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The flame arrester DRF/F is an ATEX protection system that prevents the propagation of flames (fire) from one element to the other separated by the flame arrester itself. The device connects two lines normally used for suction / pressurization of air and stops an eventual flame created or entered in the line itself. 


Model DRF/F140 Atex certification:  Ex IIG IIA

Model DRF/F220 IIB Atex certification:  Ex IIG IIB

Model DRF/F220x4 Atex certification:  Ex IIG IIB


Technical Sheet
Spark arrestor
Code Model Material Maximum flow rate [m3/h] Ratio Lu/D Temperature max [°C] Temperature [°C] Degree of filtration [µm] Weigth [kg] File
14450015E0 Flame arrester DRF/F 140 Stainless Steel AISI 304 1300 10,48 150 -20 / +60 125 25,5 14450015E0
14450048E0 Flame arrester DRF/F220 IIB Stainless Steel AISI 304 3600 10,92 150 -20 / +60 200 61 14450048E0
14450047E0 Flame arrester DRF/F220x4 Stainless Steel AISI 304 6400 10,33 150 -20 / +60 200 197 14450047E0

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